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My name is Ashley Grey, I have been dabbling in photography for several years now. I started in high school with film photography, and have been teaching myself slowly how to get better at profile-2digital photography. There is no better creative outlet for me, I absolutely love the calm and beauty of nature and landscape photography. I want to be able to share my experiences of hiking and camping and learning our new city of Denver, Colorado. My husband, Dan, and I recently moved here, mainly for the green trees and seasonal weather since we moved from Las Vegas, NV (very hot and dry) not for us! I have done several photo shoots since we’ve been here, and I will be adding those into the gallery for you to check out. I’m not a professional photographer and I don’t pretend that I am. There is tons of things for me to learn and to practice on, however, I still like to share what I’ve been shooting. Please feel free to contact me on my contact page if you have questions or interests in a location, trail, or camping site. I sincerely hope you enjoy the blog and gallery.

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