Butterflies Galore

The Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado has some of the most gorgeous butterflies I have ever seen. Another meetup group event. We actually got to go in an hour before the pavilion opened to the public, which was nice since we would need our tripods to get good shots.  What I’m really liking about these meet ups, is that they very from event to event. Which makes me need toButterfly Pavillion-5 do some research to get the best photos I can. Then I actually get to try out my new knowledge, and see how it works for me. Most times it works out well. Especially at the Butterfly Pavilion.

I think the butterflies were kind of asleep when we walked in at 8 am, on a Saturday. It was kind of hot and very humid. I guess butterflies like it hot! Butterfly Pavillion-7This was actually my first photo shoot that I needed my tripod for the entire shoot. I had researched a better way to take photos of action by “continuous shooting” which basically means if I hold down the shutter button, my camera will continue to snap pictures until I release it. I was able to get some okay shots of butterflies in flight, but to be honest, not my best work. At least, not this attempt. Ha! Some of these lovely butterflies, actually posed in trees, flowers, leaves, and posts for me, which allowed me to get some extra crisp photos.

Towards the end of my visit, there was a younger gentleman volunteer who was very excited to show me some larvae that was sitting in a plant low to the ground. We had to get real close to see them, just tiny white dots, waiting to fulfill their butterfly destiny. Along one of the back walls, there was a huge glass enclosure that held cocoons in all stages. That was pretty interesting. The only thing that I would have liked to see, in the actual Butterfly Pavilion, would be maybe some pictures on the wall even small signs that would tell you what kind of butterflies you’re seeing. Other than that, this was a fantastic success. I will probably end up going again.

You can see the full gallery below.

Butterfly Pavillion


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