Denver Botanic Gardens

One of the very first places my husband and I had visited in Colorado was the Denver Botanic Gardens. I adore flowers and plants, although I’m still trying to cultivate my green thumb here. I’ll get it eventually. If you have never been to the Gardens, I would highly recommend you go as soon as possible. We went in the middle of July, and going outside in Vegas in July is just unheard of. Quite a pleasant change to be able to do something outside during the summer months. Anyway, I digress. My point is that even during the hotter months these flowers and plants were just Denver Botanic Garden-1gorgeous.

Before we even got inside the Denver Botanic Garden, I was already snapping pictures. ┬áThere were beautiful green shrubs and trees. My favorite were these gigantic yellow flowers, oh, and if all of this wasn’t enough, there were butterflies! I felt like Snow White, I could have broken out in song, hoping the birds would bring in the chorus. I was really excited about my star butterfly. They decided to land on a bloomed orange-ish flower and held still for a few shots. Yes! I love when nature feels like being photogenic.

One of the memorable attractions was art from Deborah Butterfield. She had created horses doing everyday horse things, all out of driftwood. They were placed among the flowers and enchanting walkways, very natural, like they were meant to be there. A few of my favorite pictures from the Gardens was of these horses. You’ll see what I mean.

Denver Botanic Garden-16As we were walking through, my husband and I were picking out flowers and plants we’d like to have in our dream house. We both were particularly fond of this grayish-green plant that sits low to the ground. “Silver Carpet” as we read on the tag, is definitely going along side our walkway. Ha! Herbs and spices, was another section that inspired our hypothetical garden in said dream house. Even though some of the more exotic plants were gorgeous, I’m not sure if I’m up to the challenge and extensive care that it would need. However, I am glad that somebody is up to that challenge.

Denver Botanic Garden-10The Botanic Garden was pretty big. We didn’t even go all the way through. At about 10:30 am, there was a rush of people coming into the park. As we were meandering back toward the entrance we noticed there was also a large green house. Apparently, I can go and take classes and learn how to turn my brown thumb, green. Maybe, just maybe! We had also seen that in the Garden, around spring time, they have a plant and flower sale. You just have to haul your purchases away yourself. Not too shabby!

We will, without a doubt, be coming back to visit throughout the year. Maybe, if they’re lucky, we’ll bring some of our out-of-town guests to witness the beauty. If not they can check out my gallery of the gardens from the comfort of their own homes.


Denver Botanic Garden

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