Denver Chalk Art Festival

This past weekend Dan and I headed to the Denver Chalk Art Festival. So much fun! We arrived in Larimer Square, in downtown Denver, at about 9:30 am. There were artists already done with some of their pieces. We had never been walking much downtown or in Larimer Square, but let me tell you it was lovely. I enjoyed the older buildings, cool shops, and unique eateries. We didn’t get to indulge this time, but we’re already planning our next trip. With children and adults alike gawking at the ground, I made my way to the first artist.

Chalk Art-1Kneeling over her work in flip flops and sunglasses, the first woman was working on a picture of a bunny. I have never seen any chalk art of any kind, but I was mesmerized by her talent. She was incredibly focused so we moseyed on to the next group of chalk wielding magicians. Each group, association, company, or single artist had a box about 4×4 all lined up next to each other on each side of the street.

Along the sides of the street there were all kinds of vendors. Some selling lemonade, sizzling sausages, and gigantic rice crispy treats the size of my face! I didn’t partake, mainly because it would have been so difficult to navigate the growing crowd, avoiding stepping on someone’s work, and snapping pictures.

Chalk Art-4When we got the first intersection, at the end of one road, we turn down the next street of chalk artists. There is one where it was a featured artist, in a fancy tent that shaded the work area. I kid you not that this chalk art was almost like an oil painting. It was so detailed and colorful, I was extremely impressed. If you stood to the side of this piece the face of a woman looked very stretched out and looked kind of weird. However, standing on the outlined feet with a sign saying “stand here” the chalk art really seemed to look real. You’ll be able to see the art and the artist working on this one. Truly a treat to see in person.

Chalk Art-17

Overall, I had a fantastic time and I would most definitely go again next year! Please feel free to check out the full gallery of this event below.

Denver Chalk Art Festival

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