First Trip to Rocky Mountain National Park!

It’s official Dan and I are Coloradans! We have now been to Rocky Mountain National Park. To be more specific, we went to Estes Park. I have been seeing places on Pinterest and a in my Colorado places of interest books I’ve been collecting, and several sources recommended a trip to Bear Lake. Bear lake is about two hours north of Denver, a beautiful drive will make up for most driving Bear Lake-5times. We left at about 5am and we were in Rocky Mountain by about 7:10 and if I would have listened to Joan (my GPS voice) I probably would have been there a little sooner.

After driving the curviest road ever, and seeing a turkey literally cross the road (presumably to,  in fact, get to the other side), we arrived to a large parking lot with restrooms and a shuttle station. There was a small information desk that was selling water, brochures, ect. Just past these the trail head was in view. There were other trails that went off in different directions, and we both were interested in seeing what the other trails lead to. However, I had a mission! To see Bear Lake. The trail itself was less than a mile and nothing strenuous, is was basically walking around a lake. However, probably one of the most beautifully serene lake I have ever seen. There were alpine trees reflecting in the undisturbed water. In some places you could see fallen branches at the bottom of the lake. I even caught two deer running around together, I was not fast enough to snap a picture, but it was amazing how nature can be so graceful. So with a calm lake, gleeful deer, and a purple mountain in the background for good measure, this was the place I wanted to be.

Dan and I made our way slowly around the lake, to be sure we soaked up as much as possible. I stopped every 10 seconds to take a picture, Dan’s a trooper for sure! A few families with small children were passing us by, hurrying to the next “SO COOL” thing they spied. There was one patch of the trail that still had a little snow covering the trail. I was not expecting that at all. I mean it was 89 in Denver that day. But we made our way through and continued to enjoy the scenery and each Bear Lake-15others company.

On our way to the car,  a shuttle was pulling up, and several more families and couples were piling out to get their turn to hike the trails. I am very curious about the other trails that are available from that trail head. From what I saw on the map, there are a few other lakes near by, a little more of a hike, but I’m more than willing. I most definitely recommend going there if you live nearby. I’m sure I’ll be back. On our way back to Denver we stopped at this small shop that sold different types of jerky, and a small hut next to it that sold carved bears. The bears were SO cute! I have plans on Bear Lake-8acquiring one on our next trip for sure. We did get a couple of jerkys to try one elk and one beef teriyaki. They were pretty tasty. The best part of that stop was their cherry cider. Oh my goodness, I could have had two or three other bottles for myself. Ha!

This was one of my favorite outings so far, but I am always open to new and interesting places to see and photograph. So if you’re in the area or know of a place to check out definitely let me know! You can see all the photos from this trip below.

Bear Lake 2016

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