Wings Over the Rockies

Wings Museum-4In my meet up group for photographers, I was invited to join a meet up that went to the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Craft Museum in Aurora, Colorado. Now, I’m always up for a meet up but I was a little skeptical on how fun this would be. I thought, “well, at least I’ll get to practice.” I wasn’t really expecting anything to blow me away. My husband came with me and as I walked into this incredibly large plane hangar, I was a little taken aback.Wings Museum-2

There were so many planes here. The museum had a fantastic collection of all sizes. There was a small reconnaissance plane lined up along the side, that grabbed my attention immediately, and then there was one bomber plane that was almost the full length of the hangar. It was amazing! We got to see a strategic bomber plane, the inside where the missals were held, and how they were dropped. The mechanics was really something to see. There are so many different pieces in this museum. They had fighter jets from the US Air Force, models of Star Wars planes like the XWing StarFighter, and even a couple space shuttles. My husband has always been interested in space, me too for that matter, and to get to see some of the insides of a model space station was really interesting. Along the back walls of the museum there were old news paper clippings, and articles about the first pilots, men and women. How the technology had developed, and is developing over time.

The space station got me  a little giddy, just from the view from the entrance. Getting to see what the living quarters were like was pretty great. The constricting sleeping area would not be conducive to my erratic tossing and turning. There was an area where you would wash your hands which looked like a bowl with a small circular opening attached to the wall. Like something straight out of a science fiction novel. It also had some of the control panels available to see. You’ll see some of those in the gallery.Wings Museum-3

If you are interested in checking out this museum it is located in Aurora, Colorado. You can also visit their website at


As you’ll see in some the pictures, I really didn’t have to do too much to many of these, their interest and details come through easily. My absolute favorite part of photography, other than the subject, is the composition. I love that I get to show you a story from my point of view. Please feel free to check out the full gallery below.

Wings Museum

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