Zoo Fun!

My ultimate favorite subject when photographing is animals. They have a natural, peaceful beauty, that my camera longs for. I had been talking about going to visit the Denver Zoo for a few months after I moved to Colorado last year (I’m from Vegas). One weekend my husband and I decided to be a couple of kids and head out to the zoo. The Denver zoo, that is! One thing about Denver ZooDenver is that there are lakes and little rivers and so much green, I can’t get enough. The zoo is right next to a beautiful park with a large pond. We walked up to the entrance, following an excited family of three, and the first thing we see is a giraffe sized bronze, well….giraffe. I loved it. It was a fantastic piece of art, and obviously fit the venue. What I didn’t realize, is that there are art pieces scattered throughout the park. Some were bronze, some were even made out of legos. Incredible.

After paying our ticket, we hurried in to spy the first animal we could. I already had camera in hand, and basically pulling my husband around, like an excited child. I don’t care, I was excited. So what, there are fluffy and cute animals everywhere!? We first saw the Lions, they are as majestic as I’ve ever seen them. The lion came right up on the rock edge, Lion King style, and posed perfectly for me to tap my shutter button thirty times or so. The Denver Botanic Garden-1lioness, she was just chilling in the sun, catching some rays. We walked through more of the park and came upon the Red Panda. Eeek! I love all kinds of pandas. If it was legal I would have one, and I’d have to quit my job because they would have all of my time. Seriously! Honestly, I think the photo of the red panda is my favorite of this gallery. This panda was just all over the place, running from one corner to the other every few seconds. So cute! Then we had to see the Elephants. My second favorite animal. At first, they would only show me their butts, after a few minutes my patience paid off. A family of three elephants came out to visit. They were just happy go lucky and just livin’ life. Another, animal of note were the monkeys. My second favorite shot is the monkey love photo. These two monkeys were just inseparable. Cleaning each other, petting each other, they even kissed! Ahh! Unfortunately, I missed the shot, bummer! However, I got the sweet “looking into her eyes” moment. YUSSS!

Denver Zoo-11


When I got home, I immediately started pulling the pictures from my camera’s SD card. I couldn’t wait to see what I was able to capture. The main downside to photographing in a zoo setting is the damn bars all over. I would love to not have to have bars between us. However, I think I’m a pretty good looking snack to some of the carnivorous animals. However, I think I managed pretty well. Let me know what you think or which is your favorite, below is the gallery.

Denver Zoo

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