Colorado Irish Festival

This past weekend Dan and I ventured to Littleton, Colorado. Our quest was the Colorado Irish Festival. Since we are the O’Sullivans we figured we owed it to our family to join in the festivities. We arrived early at Clement park to make sure we got some decent parking and we were going to attend the Irish Catholic Mass which was held at 8 a.m. Even though we are not catholic we wanted to take in the full experience and not just the “Worlds biggest hotdog” food trucks.


The mass was very ceremonial and quite inspiring. The priest was talking about being a good person, doing the right thing, and helping others when you can. No matter what religion you are you can’t argue with that. ┬áThe photographer in me wanted to be snapping pictures the whole time. However, I decided not to since it was very quiet and I didn’t want to interrupt the mass. Behind the stage where the priest and choir stood was a gorgeous blue rippling lake. Another thing that I noticed was that the people were just as friendly as could be. I was hugged, hand shook, and waved hello to, by complete strangers. It was a lovely change of pace from the big city.

After mass was over we all scattered around to see what was all going on. Our first stop was the Rocky Mountain Irish Wolfhound Association. They are a non profit rescue organization that helps find homes for lost, abandoned, or homeless Irish wolfhounds. We first got to meet Raven he was being loved on by several little kids and couldn’t be happier. Wolfhounds are gigantic dogs, they compare to great dane’s in height. Then we got to meet Fergus he was just over 1 year old and came up to my hip. The wolfhounds were just incredibly sweet and curious about all that was going on around them. Now, Dan wants one. Ha!


We wandered across the field where there were “Colorado Irish Festival here” signs, as if you could miss it. There were so many merchant booths and informational booths, a stage with live Irish music ect. We wound up at a small shop with an intricate sign in the background “Michael Haymen Jewelry and Metalsmithing”. We were greeted with the warmest of hello’s and were shown specific pieces that we showed interest. Michael and his wife make their own molds for each piece individually. Everything is made by hand. We ended up buying a beautiful ring that was detailed and one of a kind. That doesn’t happen very often.


After visiting a few other booths (and acquiring some homemade shortbread), we were strolling, just enjoying the morning. We decided we needed some grub. I got a giant root beer float and an even bigger peanut butter cup cereal treat (kind of like a rice krispy treat).I have only seen these stands for a “Soprano” dog at festivals, and the Colorado Irish Festival was no different. Dan got a Soprano dog, basically, a foot long hot dog with sauerkraut. The food hit the spot on a warm breezy Sunday. After I had tried my hardest to finish my large treat, which I didn’t even come close, we headed to the sheep herding event.


The sheep herding was being conducted in a small field just to the side of the Colorado Irish festival. Along with eager children and adults alike, we waited for Pete the dog to come out and show us his skills. Pete is a sheep herding dog if I ever saw one. He wanted nothing to do with listening to his trainer, though he did, he wanted to get to the sheep and get them in line. It was really interesting to see how the sheep reacted to Pete, they really would shift directions and stop when the dog told them to. Really cool to see how well trained the dog and the sheep were.


After seeing Pete in action we decided to head on home. So in conclusion, the day was perfect. We met some really friendly people and animals, had some fun food, and all in a gorgeous scenery. So when next year rolls around be sure to check out the Colorado Irish Festival.

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Colorado Irish Festival

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