Photography Side Effects

There are not many days, or hours for that matter, that go by without me thinking of a picture. I first started showing signs of photography side effects when I was 14 years old and my dad bought me my first Canon camera. At first I just took pictures of everything and anything, and not really understanding much about technique. The next year I signed up for Photography I at my high school. Best decision ever! I’ll show you how I caught the photo bug and how you’ll be hooked on the addictive creative side of photo taking.

One of the first tell-tale photography side effects you will encounter is camera attachment. You will want to bring your camera EVERYWHERE! And I’m not just saying that. If I don’t have my camera, I have my phone which purposefully has a great camera. Sometimes I have to rein in when I’m taking pictures. Sometimes I’ll pack up all my gear and then see a cool cloud I need to shoot. I’ll get to urge to unpack and take a couple shots and repack. Calm down Ashley, I know!

Couldn't resist a puppy photo op!
Couldn’t resist a puppy photo op!

Another one of the photography side effects is capturing moments in time. Particularly moments that you know wont happen again. Taking pictures of you, your friends, your loved ones wedding day, all of this will be frozen in an image forever. It’s quite addicting. Most people have a picture in mind that would be on your list of “Items would I grab first if my house was on fire”.  For me it was a picture I took of my husband on our first vacation with his family. A time when we were only dating. It was my first time at the coast and I took a picture of him at the beach looking out into the waves. It’s not even a very good picture to some, but to me it’ll capture that time in our lives forever. I didn’t even need a pro for that.

Picture of My Husband

Becoming more of an adventurer is probably one of my favorite new side effects. I find myself going to new events, checking out new places just to get some awesome pictures. When you travel to somewhere new, you always want to take pictures. You want to remember and relive these times. So naturally, you will want to start seeking out new and interesting places to visit so you can share your experience.

A new development when starting a photography habit is being social. For me this kind of came as a surprise, since I’m kind of socially reserved in most situations. You’ll find that you will want to interact with others if for nothing else to ask permission to photograph them. I know that if I see another photographer I will stop and ask questions. I’m always looking for cool tips, tricks, and techniques. I remember when I had gone to an air show in Las Vegas to photograph the planes and jets for a class project. I asked a question that would bring me a fantastic new experience.

As I was standing with my tiny lens trying to focus on planes thousands of feet in the air, a professional photographer was standing next to me with his incredibly long lens. He looked over at me smiling and I asked him, with giant eyes, if he could see the planes well with the larger lens. He laughed and said yes. He then proceeded to unscrew his lens and handed it to me to put onto my camera. While I was a little apprehensive of using his expensive equipment, my eagerness to try it out was overpowering. I learned that day if you don’t ask or start conversations you are potentially preventing an amazing experience.

Taken by meandering through a nearby field
Taken by meandering through a nearby field

The best of all of the photography side effects is seeing things from a new point of view. You will start to find the smallest detail interesting. These make some of the most beautiful pictures of all. I know you have seen pictures where it’s just the fingers of a newborn baby. The tiny fingers are curled around their father’s finger for the first time. A photo worth framing for sure. Or maybe a photo of just the flowers at a wedding. You want to remember those small details.


So I urge you to find your inner photographer and give this hobby a try. You will be able to create your own time capsules, meet new and unique people, and see things from a whole new perspective. Are you ready to jump in? If you’re already into photography what made you interested in the first place.



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