Hiking in Garden of the Gods

I have been wanting to go on a cool hike for some time now and this past weekend, I did! Dan and I drove out to Colorado Springs to go hiking in Garden of the Gods. The drive out the the Springs is quite pleasant and took maybe an hour and a half. Once we got near the park there was a few slow moving cars. I noticed that a few people in front of me were pulling over. I checked my rear view mirror and noticed more people pulling over. I’m thinking, “Am I going the wrong way?”, but as I glanced to the side of the road, I noticed a family of deer.

Garden of the Gods-6286

There were 3 males and 4 females. I had to make the decision to either pull over and ignore the “no parking” sign or keep on moving. So with my camera all packed up, I opted for a phone picture. Still better than nothing. Ha! Once we got into the parking lot, I was able to move back towards the deer with my camera. Unfortunately, they were heading to greener pastures…literally. So I got a few shaky pictures and that’s all she wrote. We made our way to one of the entrances of the park. We were greeted by incredibly large, red, mountain formations. We were ready to start our hiking in Garden of the Gods.

Garden of the Gods-6241

Since we were new and I didn’t do any trail scouting, we just went with the flow. We walked along the cement pathway, past a few people who were playing musical instruments together. In the very early morning light it was peaceful music that you would hear in a spa or on a meditation cd. We trekked for a few more minutes before we started going down random trails and loops along the west side of the mountain formations. There were a few people getting ready to vertically climb the mountains with all of their climbing gear. I could have just hung out and watched them all day.

Garden of the Gods-6144

After passing the climbers we continued hiking in Garden of the Gods upper loop trail. I am always amazed at how gorgeous nature can be. We walked up the steps to the top of the trail to the lookout spot. Let me tell you, it’s a freeing feeling to be high up and can see for miles and miles. In one direction you have more mountains, and in the other it’s city and flatter lands. I loved every second. I saw rabbits, and squirrels, and trees oh my! Descending was a lot easier than ascending, obviously, but it was still a beautiful scene both ways. The trails at this park are mostly cement or wood, very easy to navigate.

On our way back out to the car I had noticed a female deer grazing in one of the bushes on the side of the walkway. Only a few feet away from me. I got a few good pictures of her and then she walked a few feet away from me. Then before I knew it, she had bounded out from behind the bushes in front of me and then over the side rails of the opposite side of the walkway. She didn’t really care who was watching, I grabbed my camera as fast as I could but she was a little too fast for me. Ha.

Hiking in Garden of the Gods

I would highly recommend taking family, friends, out-of-towners hiking in Garden of the Gods. There is so much to see and many of the attractions are wheelchair friendly, kid friendly. If you have been there, are there any other trails that I should check out? I’d also love to see any pictures you took there! I have posted the full gallery below.

Garden of the Gods

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