Nature Photo Challenge

This week I have learned a little more than I expected. For me planning out a shot is kind of part of my process. So for this weeks nature photo challenge, I attempted to plan out what I wanted to shoot. Now one of the things I learned is you can’t always know what animals, or plants are going to be ideal for your shot.

This morning I had taken a walk in a trail near my house. This week I had tried to not be so structural with my planning. All I wanted to focus on was having the equipment I needed and just go with the flow. So I took my camera, and just had a leisurely walk through this trail along a small creek.  I spied some historic farm equipment when I passed the Delaney Farm near my house. Then I continued on towards a path with plants, trees and flowers, to see what I could capture for our nature photo challenge.

On the side of the pathway there was a small patch of yellow flowers with large green leaves. I noticed there were bees flying all around. I saw a cute little bee inside one of the elegant yellow flowers. After looking for another moment, another bee was making it’s way outside of the flower. I always though it was one flower, one bee. Obviously, I was wrong. Ha! I snapped a few of these bees pollinating the flower. It made a perfect photo for our nature photo challenge.

So here it is, this weeks photo. Please share your photos for the week!

Nature Photo Challenge

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