Reflection Photo Challenge

Serene water is one of my absolute favorite types of reflection surfaces. So this week in our reflection photo challenge, I chose to look for water as a source of reflection. I didn’t even need to travel farther than the farm across the street. We have this lovely river that runs right by a historic farm called Delaney Farms. I’ll be making a post about that farm soon.

On my way to the farm, I noticed a puddle with the reflection of a very vibrant green. I took a shot, I like it but I like the photo below for my actual reflection photo challenge. However, I figured I’d share it anyway.

Reflections Photo Challenge

I woke up early since I wanted to get that early morning light and calm waters. I packed up my tripod and grabbed my charged battery and headed out. We have been having the greatest weather this week, in the 70s! The sun was already up and casting a beautiful golden glow on the tall grass.

For the reflection photo challenge, I made my way to the river in the middle of the farm. There is wooden bridge with metal criss cross railings. I set up my tripod where I was able to see one of the housing building’s reflection in the slow moving river. I took shots to test my settings, and then took a few contending photos for the challenge.

I am very happy with my photo for this week! When I’m in my zone, focusing on what I’m doing the world just kind of melts away. One of my favorite reasons for loving photography. It’s something I can really dig into on my own or I can bring my camera and have a great time taking photos of friends and family.

Without further ado, here is my finished photo for our reflection photo challenge. I’d love to see what you came up with this week!

Reflection Photo Challenge

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