Top Five Photo Bucket List

I have been joining different photo groups both in person and online. This has given me such inspiration that I have to make a list of photos that I’d like to get perfect. So I figured I’d make a top five photo bucket list. Some of these are in the 5 month photo challenge, I’d love to see your pictures if you’re following along!

My first photo I’d love to conquer in my top five photo bucket list, is street photography. I live just outside of Denver, one of the most interesting cities there are. Street photography had never really peaked my interest until recently. I have been reading articles on Flipboard. I highly recommend the app. These articles on street photography have opened my eyes to different types of people. Showing stories through photos of these different people is enchanting.

Top five photo bucket list
Denver Chalk Art Festival

Next in line would have to be wildlife. I want to get the best photo I can of some wild animal. Not an animal that is contained in anyway. I want to go up to Rocky Mountain National Park , set up my tripod and wait for an amazing opportunity. Getting the sharpest image, a fantastic composition, and a majestic wild animal is just what I’m meant to do.


Top five photo bucket list
Irish Festival- Sheep herding

Thirdly, I’d love to get an intricate architecture photo under my belt. With so many historic churches, unique city ¬†buildings, I really couldn’t ask for a better subject matter. I believe that architecture isn’t always around forever, and photographs are one of the best ways to preserve them. I’m always impressed with how detailed and structurally interesting some buildings can be. Architecture had to be on my top five photo bucket list.


Top five photo bucket list
Denver Botanic Garden

Macro photography has to be one of my most favorite types of photos. A dew drop on a flower petal that is reflecting the vibrant colors of the flower’s petal, is not something everyone would have the opportunity to see. Photographing something so small, and often passed by, is to me like the saying “stopping to smell the roses”. Not everyone is going to notice how many different colors there are on a butterfly, but by capturing the object with macro photos you can bring these details to light.

top five photo bucket list
Butterfly Pavilion

Lastly, on my top five photo bucket list, is the Milky Way. Yep, astrophotography. My friends in my Facebook photo groups have shown off some fantastic shots of the Milky Way. I HAVE to master this. This is not up for negotiation or procrastination. Ha! I really want to take a weekend camping trip and try this out for myself until I get as close to a perfect a shot as possible. Then this perfect milky way shot will go on my wall.

I’d love to hear what types of photography you’re interested in trying out. Do you have a favorite that you’re already working on?


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