Architecture Photo Challenge

Everywhere we look there are forms of expression. In the art galleries, museums, libraries, and the buildings that house them. So this week I focused on the aesthetics of the buildings themselves. All week I was thinking of different buildings to use for the architecture photo challenge.

I really have the pick of the litter at my disposal, with downtown Denver just a few minutes away. I thought of the older churches, some of the buildings downtown are so interesting. I ended up landing on a building that I pass every day on my way to work. It has so much character and interesting details. Fairmount Cemetery in Denver, Co.

The cemetery itself was founded in 1890 and is Denver’s second oldest¬†cemetery, making it my first choice for my architecture photo challenge. I parked across the street from the entrance of the cemetery, set up my tripod and snapped away. I have a few photos of cars streaking by in some of my “photo outtakes”. This building is right next to the entrance.

The arch way is so detailed and intricate. I figured it would make for a good photo for the architecture photo challenge. I took shots of the building as a whole, some up close detail shots, and then a few with cars or pedestrians. I had two stand out to me and I can’t choose between them. So I’m going to post both, ha!

So here is this weeks submission.

architecture photo challenge


architecture photo challenge

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