Inspired Photo Challenge

In the 5 month photo challenge, we have several different photos we are aiming to shoot. If you would like to join in click here to go to the list of photo challenges. This weeks inspired photo challenge, was pretty great. In fact, the photo I took for this challenge is one of my favorite photos I’ve taken so far.

This photo was taken at Bear Lake in Estes Park in the Rocky Mountains. This is one of my favorites because I enjoy being in nature, and away from the city noise. This photo of a tree that has descended into the lake, inspires me. I find it fascinating that during the weekday I am at work and in the city, with all the sirens, car horns, skaters ect. However, on my photo weekends I get to be who I want to be. Someone who is in nature all the time, and can have spare time to enjoy it. I wish nothing more than to be able to do nature photography all day everyday, and possibly not have a typical day job. One can dream, right?!



Now, I’m so eager to see what some of you have captured this week. What is your photo for the inspired photo challenge?


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